Rehabilitation medicine can be defined as the multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary science that aims at attaining the complete functionality and health of a person by reducing the disability and its correlated symptoms. Rehabilitation is a both a process that involves finding solutions to given problems and also a process of education whereby a person is helped to achieve the best possible level of life in its physical, functional, social and emotional dimensions with the least possible limitation to their operative choices. The process also requires the involvement of the patients' family and those around them. Consequently, "the rehabilitation process concerns not only strictly clinical aspects" but also "encompasses psychological and social dimensions. To achieve a good level of efficacy, each patient's rehabilitation project must have rationally planned, multiple objectives so that the autonomy to be attained in various areas can be translated into the personal independence of the patient as a whole being, with enhanced quality of life for the patient" [1].

In patients affected by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), the rehabilitation process aims at attaining, recovering and maintaining an increased level of autonomy by relying on: (1) surgical intervention, and (2) study of the disability problems associated with these pathologies.

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