Intestinal inflammatory diseases [irritable bowel disease (IBD)], including ulcerous rectocolitis [ulcerative colitis (UC)] and Crohn's Disease (CD), are pathologies primarily affecting young adults during the reproductive age, often causing a decrease of the patients' quality of life [1] because of the psychosocial impact caused by the chronic nature of the disease and consequently the therapy and clinical problems connected with complex and sometimes disabling symptomatological patterns, which can negatively affect both social and emotional living [2].

Patients of both genders suffering from such diseases must frequently face problems concerning sex life, fertility and, for woman, pregnancy [3]. Patients of child-bearing age often express doubts about their ability to have children because of psychological consequences of their disease in relation to interpersonal relationships and qualms about harmful effects to the foetus caused by relapse of disease activity stages and the drugs they have to take to prevent and/or treat them during pregnancy [4].

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