Unfortunately, there are no particular diagnostic radiological features of IC. In fact, even if the classic radiographic features of CD and UC are well known, some cases cannot be diagnosed since usually they present a combination of features found both in UC and CD. Recently, magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H MR) has been showed to have a strong potential for diagnosis of IC [23]. The procedure was used on 76 colon mucosal biopsies, and only one case of CD was misclassified. However, since other studies failed to show the same encouraging results, further studies are needed for substantiation. Wireless capsule endoscopy could be a valuable diagnostic tool in patients with suspected CD that has not been confirmed using standard imaging techniques [24]. Mow et al. [25], in a recent study, reported that 18 out of 22 patients evaluated for medically refractory UC or IC were found to have small-bowel lesions and ultimately diagnosed with CD. However, as reported above, the significance of finding few small bowel lesions in patients with UC is still not clear.

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