Fecundity and Pregnancy

Women with UC and CD are known to have fecundity and pregnancy equal to that of the general popula tion [11, 12], but they are worried about the risks to the newborn in terms of damage by drugs or by the illness itself. The medical staff plays a very crucial role in informing and encouraging women with IBD, explaining the safety of the drugs employed and the general risks regarding pregnancy for healthy women.

In comparison with the general population, women in remission under azatioprine have no impairment, either in fecundity or in the capability of having a regular pregnancy without particular risks. In women who underwent restorative proctocolecto-my with ileo pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA), parturition is normal and IPAA function is not damaged [13]. However, there are reports in the literature that give advice about the critical risk of infertility after IPAA including a decrease of potential fertility up to 80% [14,15]. Our female patients should be correctly and tactfully informed about this possible complication, due in most cases to a tubal occlusion from adhesive disease. Would a more diffuse laparoscopic approach ameliorate this data?

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