Familial Adenomatous Polyposis

FAP is also known as familial polyposis coli. The polyps are adenomatous and occur primarily in the colon. Carcinoma occurs mostly in the left colon and are often multiple. It is also possible, however, for polyps, adenomas and carcinomas to grow in the stomach, duodenum and small intestine. Connected with extraintestinal manifestation, it is known as Gardner's syndrome. Manifestations include osteo-mas, jaw cysts, dental anomalies, brain tumours, other skin and soft tissues tumours and congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigmentary epithelium [1]. FAP shows autosomal dominant transmission. Frequency is one in 8,300-13,500 births. In Denmark, new mutations account for 25% of cases [2]. Average age at the time of diagnosis is 35 years, and average age at cancer diagnosis is 39 years [3]. About 50% of symptomatic and 10% of asymptomatic patients have carcinoma of the colon at the time of diagnosis. Carcinoma may be present in all cases by the age of 50 years. Penetrance is nearly completed by age 40 years [2].

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