Cutaneous Findings

The most common cutaneous findings in patients with FAP are epidermoid cysts [129, 130]. Epider-moid cysts of FAP syndrome occur around puberty in rather uncommon locations (e.g., face, scalp, extremities), and tend to be multiple [131]. Although cysts in FAP usually are asymptomatic, they may be pruritic and/or inflamed and may rupture. Pathological findings of the epidermoid cysts of FAP are similar to findings in non-FAP cysts; however, many have pilomatricoma-like changes [132].

Fibromas, ranging in size from millimeters to centimeters, are found most commonly on the cutaneous surface of the scalp, shoulders, arms, and back. Other skin lesions in FAP include lipomas, leiomy-omas, neurofibromas, and pigmented skin lesions [129,130].

Treatment for the cutaneous manifestations FAP depends on the symptomatic or cosmetic nature of the findings. Therefore, no treatment is usually required. Specifically, treatment of cysts is similar to that used for ordinary cysts and involves excision or use of intralesional steroids if there is inflammation.

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