Cancer and Stricturoplasties

Appearance in the literature of reports about neoplasia in the site of a previous strictureplasty was reason for concern [44-46]. From a theoretical point of view, the fact that an area with chronic inflammation remains in site can cause the development of neo-plastic degeneration. Scarcity of patients who developed this complication (in comparison with the thousands of stricturoplasties performed with follow-up now over 5 years but that in some cases refer to patients operated even 20 years ago), must be comforting. Moreover, as pointed out by several studies, CD in and of itself is associated with an increased risk of neoplastic degeneration of the small bowel [relative risk: 15.6 (95% CI: 4.2-40.6) according to Persson [47]; 66.7 (95% CI: 18.1-170.7) according to Jess [48] and probably of the colon as well, even if data in this case are not univocal [11].

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