Acute Appendicitis

Acute appendicitis and appendectomy in patients with CD is a matter of debate. Crohn's disease confined to the appendix is rare but has been well described in the literature [24]. Crohn's disease of the appendix can mimic acute appendicitis, although often with a more indolent course. It has been suggested that appendectomy in patients with CD may be complicated by fistula formation. Interestingly, in patients with abdominal pain for less than 1 week, appendectomy was followed by minimal problems, whereas in those with pain for longer than a week, incidental appendectomy was followed by an 83% incidence of fistulae, arising not from the appendiceal stump but from the terminal ileum [25]. The disease may be treated successfully by laparoscopic appendectomy with good long-term results [26]. A laparoscopic approach may be advantageous since the trocars are inserted far away from the diseased ileocecal region and scar formation is reduced in comparison with an open access.

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