Fine-detailed anatomy such as that of the conduction system and microvasculature is not available to the usual anatomic dissection. Additionally, tissue histology or molecular biologic assessment is not obtained routinely by the dissectionist. At the other end of the spectrum, three-dimensional gross anatomic dissection of contiguous structures is also normally not available. How does metastatic cancer throughout the system relate to a primary tumor in the gut?

These and other desirable anatomic and histologic dissections await the future of increasing computer technology. Both pathologic and living tissues someday will be dissected and analyzed not by destructive cutting but by digital imagery. Today's computers have introduced the information era. Information has become a commodity expanding our ability to access useful data. Within the next two decades, however, we will have evolved to the quantum era where all that has been discussed in this chapter plus gross and microscopic anatomy will be possible within an electronic environment. Reality will be broken down into its base parts or characteristics and then re-formatted relative to the desired information. Gross anatomy, physiology, tissue characteristics, and even histopathology can be dissected and presented as a quantifiable geometric image.


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