New Paradigm For Medicine

The genetic revolution that has already begun will usher in the beginning of a new paradigm in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disorders. Physicians traditionally have been taught to diagnose and treat disease. Cardiology in the past 50 years has advanced more than perhaps in the previous 2000 years.37 Nevertheless, despite our ability to diagnose, we seldom know the precise molecular defect or pathogenesis of a particular phenotype. In the near future, a single blood sample will make available to the physician 100,000 etiologies with their multiple mutations. This represents a new era in which specific etiologies will be looking for their respective diseases. This will further challenge the physician to attempt to associate genes with physiological functions and mutations with disease. The physician will be well positioned to advance functional genomics through translational research at the bedside. In fact, until recently, physicians who saw individuals without complaints were often questioned as to the appropriateness of their practice. We are now entering an era of prevention, and thousands of genetic risk factors will soon be available on which to base comprehensive and effective preventive therapies. In the near future, physicians will yearn to assess individuals early in life in the hope of aborting major disease, such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, cancer, and osteoporosis. This, too, will represent a new paradigm for all physicians. It will stimulate changes in health care delivery as well as means to finance such programs. The developent of an electronic medical record will be essential, and protection of the individual's rights and privacy will be paramount.34


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