J381 Polyp of vocal cord and larynx

Excludes: adenomatous polyps ( D14.1 ) J38.2 Nodules of vocal cords

Chorditis (fibrinous)(nodosa)(tuberosa) Singer's nodes Teacher's nodes

J38.3 Other diseases of vocal cords

Abscess }

Cellulitis }

Granuloma }

Leukokeratosis }

Leukoplakia }

J38.4 Oedema of larynx

■ subglottic

■ supraglottic

Excludes: laryngitis:

J38.5 Laryngeal spasm

Laryngismus (stridulus) J38.6 Stenosis of larynx J38.7 Other diseases of larynx

Abscess of vocal cord(s)


Disease NOS





of larynx

Other diseases of upper respiratory tract Excludes: acute respiratory infection NOS ( J22 ) ■ upper ( J06.9 )

upper respiratory inflammation due to chemicals, gases, fumes or vapours ( J68.2 )

J39.0 Retropharyngeal and parapharyngeal abscess

Peripharyngeal abscess

Excludes: peritonsillar abscess ( J36 )

J39.1 Other abscess of pharynx

Cellulitis of pharynx Nasopharyngeal abscess

J39.2 Other diseases of pharynx

Oedema } of pharynx or nasopharynx

Excludes: pharyngitis:

J39.3 Upper respiratory tract hypersensitivity reaction, site unspecified J39.8 Other specified diseases of upper respiratory tract J39.9 Disease of upper respiratory tract, unspecified

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S. Organization 1994/2006

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