Heat collapse T672 Heat cramp T673 Heat exhaustion anhydrotic

Heat prostration due to water depletion Excludes: heat exhaustion due to salt depletion ( T67.4 ) T67.4 Heat exhaustion due to salt depletion

Heat prostration due to salt (and water) depletion T67.5 Heat exhaustion, unspecified

Heat prostration NOS T67.6 Heat fatigue, transient T67.7 Heat oedema T67.8 Other effects of heat and light T67.9 Effect of heat and light, unspecified


Accidental hypothermia Excludes: frostbite ( T33-T35 ) hypothermia (of):

■ not associated with low environmental temperature ( R68.0 )


T69.1 T69.8 T69.9

Other effects of reduced temperature Excludes: frostbite ( T33-T35 ) Immersion hand and foot Trench foot Chilblains

Other specified effects of reduced temperature Effect of reduced temperature, unspecified

T70 J Effects of air pressure and water pressure T70.0 Otitic barotrauma

Aero-otitis media

Effects of change in ambient atmospheric pressure or water pressure on ears T70.1 Sinus barotrauma


Effects of change in ambient atmospheric pressure on sinuses

T70.2 Other and unspecified effects of high altitude

Alpine sickness Anoxia due to high altitude Barotrauma NOS Hypobaropathy Mountain sickness

Excludes: polycythaemia due to high altitude ( D75.1 ) T70.3 Caisson disease [decompression sickness]

Compressed-air disease Diver's palsy or paralysis

T70.4 Effects of high-pressure fluids

Traumatic jet injection (industrial) T70.8 Other effects of air pressure and water pressure

Blast injury syndrome T70.9 Effect of air pressure and water pressure, unspecified


Suffocation (by strangulation) Systemic oxygen deficiency due to:

■ low oxygen content in ambient air

■ mechanical threat to breathing

Excludes: anoxia due to high altitude ( T70.2 ) asphyxia from:

■ other gases, fumes and vapours ( T59.- ) respiratory distress (syndrome) in:

Effects of other deprivation

T73.0 Effects of hunger

Deprivation of food Starvation

T73.1 Effects of thirst

Deprivation of water

T73.2 Exhaustion due to exposure

T73.3 Exhaustion due to excessive exertion


T73.8 Other effects of deprivation

T73.9 Effect of deprivation, unspecified

_ Maltreatment syndromes

Use additional code, if desired, to identify current injury. T74.0 Neglect or abandonment T74.1 Physical abuse


■ baby or child syndrome NOS

■ spouse syndrome NOS

T74.2 Sexual abuse

T74.3 Psychological abuse

T74.8 Other maltreatment syndromes

Mixed forms

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