Exposure to ionizing radiation

Exposure to man-made visible and ultraviolet light Includes: welding light (arc)

Exposure to other nonionizing radiation

Includes: infrared laser radiofrequency

} radiation

Exposure to unspecified type of radiation

Exposure to excessive heat of man-made origin

Exposure to excessive cold of man-made origin

Includes: contact with or inhalation of:

■ nitrogen prolonged exposure in deep-freeze unit

Exposure to high and low air pressure and changes in air pressure

Includes: high air pressure from rapid descent in water reduction in atmospheric pressure while surfacing from:

■ deep-water diving

■ underground residence or prolonged visit at high altitude as the cause of:

■ barodontalgia

■ mountain sickness sudden change in air pressure in aircraft during ascent or descent

Exposure to other and unspecified man-made environmental factors

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