Excludes decapitation S18 S110 Open wound involving larynx and trachea

511.1 Open wound involving thyroid gland

511.2 Open wound involving pharynx and cervical oesophagus Excludes: oesophagus NOS ( S27.8 )

511.7 Multiple open wounds of neck

511.8 Open wound of other parts of neck

511.9 Open wound of neck, part unspecified

■ spinous process

■ transverse process

■ vertebral arch

The following subdivisions are provided for optional use in a supplementary character position where it is not possible or not desired to use multiple coding to identify fracture and open wound; a fracture not indicated as closed or open should be classified as closed.

512.0 Fracture of first cervical vertebra


512.1 Fracture of second cervical vertebra


512.2 Fracture of other specified cervical vertebra Excludes: multiple fractures of cervical spine ( S12.7 )

512.7 Multiple fractures of cervical spine

512.8 Fracture of other parts of neck

S12.9 Fracture of neck, part unspecified

Fracture of neck Includes: cervical:

closed open

Hyoid bone Larynx

Thyroid cartilage Trachea

Fracture of cervical:

Dislocation, sprain and strain of joints and ligaments at neck level

513.0 Traumatic rupture of cervical intervertebral disc

513.1 Dislocation of cervical vertebra Cervical spine NOS

513.2 Dislocation of other and unspecified parts of neck

513.3 Multiple dislocations of neck

513.4 Sprain and strain of cervical spine

Anterior longitudinal (ligament), cervical Atlanto-axial (joints) Atlanto-occipital (joints) Whiplash injury

513.5 Sprain and strain of thyroid region

Cricoarytenoid (joint)(ligament) Cricothyroid (joint)(ligament) Thyroid cartilage

513.6 Sprain and strain of joints and ligaments of other and unspecified parts of neck

Injury of nerves and spinal cord at neck level

514.0 Concussion and oedema of cervical spinal cord

514.1 Other and unspecified injuries of cervical spinal cord Injury of cervical spinal cord NOS

514.2 Injury of nerve root of cervical spine

514.3 Injury of brachial plexus

514.4 Injury of peripheral nerves of neck

514.5 Injury of cervical sympathetic nerves

514.6 Injury of other and unspecified nerves of neck

Injury of blood vessels at neck level

515.0 Injury of carotid artery

Carotid artery (common) (external) (internal)

515.1 Injury of vertebral artery

515.2 Injury of external jugular vein

515.3 Injury of internal jugular vein

515.7 Injury of multiple blood vessels at neck level

515.8 Injury of other blood vessels at neck level

515.9 Injury of unspecified blood vessel at neck level

Injury of muscle and tendon at neck level

S17.0 Crushing injury of larynx and trachea

517.8 Crushing injury of other parts of neck

517.9 Crushing injury of neck, part unspecified

Traumatic amputation at neck level


SQ^I Other and unspecified injuries of neck

519.7 Multiple injuries of neck

Injuries classifiable to more than one of the categories S10-S18

519.8 Other specified injuries of neck

519.9 Unspecified injury of neck

Processed on 05.04.2006 M. Source: World Health © Copyright WHO/DIMDI

S. Organization 1994/2006

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