Diseases of the respiratory system J00J99

Other diseases of the respiratory system (J95-J99)

_ Postprocedural respiratory disorders, not elsewhere classified

Excludes: emphysema (subcutaneous) resulting from a procedure ( T81.8 ) pulmonary manifestations due to radiation ( J70.0-J70.1 )

J95.0 Tracheostomy malfunction

Haemorrhage from tracheostomy stoma Obstruction of tracheostomy airway Sepsis of tracheostomy stoma Tracheo-oesophageal fistula following tracheostomy

J95.1 Acute pulmonary insufficiency following thoracic surgery

J95.2 Acute pulmonary insufficiency following nonthoracic surgery

J95.3 Chronic pulmonary insufficiency following surgery

J95.4 Mendelson's syndrome

Excludes: complicating:

J95.5 Postprocedural subglottic stenosis

J95.8 Other postprocedural respiratory disorders

J95.9 Postprocedural respiratory disorder, unspecified

_ Respiratory failure, not elsewhere classified

Excludes: cardiorespiratory failure ( R09.2 )

postprocedural respiratory failure ( J95.- ) respiratory:

■ distress syndrome:

J96.0 Acute respiratory failure J96.1 Chronic respiratory failure J96.9 Respiratory failure, unspecified

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