Diseases of the ear and mastoid process H60H95

Diseases of external ear (H60-H62)

Otitis externa H60.0 Abscess of external ear

Carbuncle } of auricle or external auditory canal

Furuncle }

H60.1 Cellulitis of external ear

Cellulitis of:

■ external auditory canal H60.2 Malignant otitis externa H60.3 Other infective otitis externa

Otitis externa:

■ haemorrhagic Swimmer's ear

H60.4 Cholesteatoma of external ear

Keratosis obturans of external ear (canal) H60.5 Acute otitis externa, noninfective

Acute otitis externa:

■ eczematoid

H60.8 Other otitis externa

Chronic otitis externa NOS H60.9 Otitis externa, unspecified

Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis Perichondritis of:

H61.1 Noninfective disorders of pinna

Acquired deformity of:

Excludes: cauliflower ear ( M95.1 ) H61.2 Impacted cerumen

Wax in ear

H61.3 Acquired stenosis of external ear canal

Collapse of external ear canal H61.8 Other specified disorders of external ear

Exostosis of external canal H61.9 Disorder of external ear, unspecified


Disorders of external ear in diseases classified elsewhere H62.0* Otitis externa in bacterial diseases classified elsewhere

Otitis externa in erysipelas ( A46+ ) H62.1* Otitis externa in viral diseases classified elsewhere

Otitis externa in:

■ herpesviral [herpes simplex] infection ( B00.1+ )

H62.2* Otitis externa in mycoses

Otitis externa in:

candidiasis ( B37.2+ ) Otomycosis NOS ( B36.9+ )

H62.3* Otitis externa in other infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere

H62.4* Otitis externa in other diseases classified elsewhere

Otitis externa in impetigo ( L01.-+ ) H62.8* Other disorders of external ear in diseases classified elsewhere

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