Congenital pigeon chest Q678 Other congenital deformities of chest

Congenital deformity of chest wall NOS

Q68.0 Congenital deformity of sternocleidomastoid muscle

Congenital (sternomastoid) torticollis Contracture of sternocleidomastoid (muscle) Sternomastoid tumour (congenital)

Q68.1 Congenital deformity of hand

Congenital clubfinger Spade-like hand (congenital)

Q68.2 Congenital deformity of knee


■ dislocation of knee

■ genu recurvatum

Q68.3 Congenital bowing of femur

Excludes: anteversion of femur (neck) ( Q65.8 ) Q68.4 Congenital bowing of tibia and fibula Q68.5 Congenital bowing of long bones of leg, unspecified Q68.8 Other specified congenital musculoskeletal deformities


_ Polydactyly

Q69.0 Accessory finger(s) Q69.1 Accessory thumb(s) Q69.2 Accessory toe(s)

Accessory hallux Q69.9 Polydactyly, unspecified

Supernumerary digit(s) NOS

_ Syndactyly

Q70.0 Fused fingers

Complex syndactyly of fingers with synostosis Q70.1 Webbed fingers

Simple syndactyly of fingers without synostosis Q70.2 Fused toes

Complex syndactyly of toes with synostosis

Q70.3 Webbed toes

Simple syndactyly of toes without synostosis Q70.4 Polysyndactyly Q70.9 Syndactyly, unspecified

Symphalangy NOS

Reduction defects of upper limb

Q71.0 Congenital complete absence of upper limb(s)

Q71.1 Congenital absence of upper arm and forearm with hand present

Q71.2 Congenital absence of both forearm and hand

Q71.3 Congenital absence of hand and finger(s)

Q71.4 Longitudinal reduction defect of radius

Clubhand (congenital) Radial clubhand

Q71.5 Longitudinal reduction defect of ulna

Q71.6 Lobster-claw hand

Q71.8 Other reduction defects of upper limb(s)

Congenital shortening of upper limb(s) Q71.9 Reduction defect of upper limb, unspecified

Reduction defects of lower limb Q72.0 Congenital complete absence of lower limb(s) Q72.1 Congenital absence of thigh and lower leg with foot present Q72.2 Congenital absence of both lower leg and foot Q72.3 Congenital absence of foot and toe(s) Q72.4 Longitudinal reduction defect of femur

Proximal femoral focal deficiency Q72.5 Longitudinal reduction defect of tibia Q72.6 Longitudinal reduction defect of fibula Q72.7 Split foot

Q72.8 Other reduction defects of lower limb(s)

Congenital shortening of lower limb(s) Q72.9 Reduction defect of lower limb, unspecified

_ Reduction defects of unspecified limb

Q73.0 Congenital absence of unspecified limb(s)

Amelia NOS Q73.1 Phocomelia, unspecified limb(s)

Phocomelia NOS Q73.8 Other reduction defects of unspecified limb(s)

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