C301 Middle ear

Eustachian tube Inner ear Mastoid air cells

Excludes: auricular canal (external) ( C43.2 , C44.2 ) bone of ear (meatus) ( C41.0 ) cartilage of ear ( C49.0 ) skin of (external) ear ( C43.2 , C44.2 )

_ Malignant neoplasm of accessory sinuses

C31.0 Maxillary sinus

Antrum (Highmore)(maxillary) C31.1 Ethmoidal sinus C31.2 Frontal sinus C31.3 Sphenoidal sinus

C31.8 Overlapping lesion of accessory sinuses

[See note 5 at the beginning of this chapter] C31.9 Accessory sinus, unspecified

_ Malignant neoplasm of larynx

C32.0 Glottis

Intrinsic larynx Vocal cord (true) NOS

C32.1 Supraglottis

Aryepiglottic fold, laryngeal aspect Epiglottis (suprahyoid portion) NOS Extrinsic larynx False vocal cord

Posterior (laryngeal) surface of epiglottis Ventricular bands

Excludes: anterior surface of epiglottis ( C10.1 ) aryepiglottic fold:

C32.2 Subglottis

C32.3 Laryngeal cartilage

C32.8 Overlapping lesion of larynx

[See note 5 at the beginning of this chapter] C32.9 Larynx, unspecified

Malignant neoplasm of trachea

Malignant neoplasm of bronchus and lung C34.0 Main bronchus


Hilus (of lung) C34.1 Upper lobe, bronchus or lung C34.2 Middle lobe, bronchus or lung C34.3 Lower lobe, bronchus or lung

C34.8 C34.9

Overlapping lesion of bronchus and lung

[See note 5 at the beginning of this chapter] Bronchus or lung, unspecified

Malignant neoplasm of thymus

_ Malignant neoplasm of heart, mediastinum and pleura

Excludes: mesothelioma ( C45.- ) C38.0 Heart


Excludes: great vessels ( C49.3 ) C38.1 Anterior mediastinum C38.2 Posterior mediastinum C38.3 Mediastinum, part unspecified C38.4 Pleura

C38.8 Overlapping lesion of heart, mediastinum and pleura

[See note 5 at the beginning of this chapter]

Malignant neoplasm of other and ill-defined sites in the respiratory system and intrathoracic organs

Excludes: intrathoracic NOS ( C76.1 ) thoracic NOS ( C76.1 )

C39.0 Upper respiratory tract, part unspecified

C39.8 Overlapping lesion of respiratory and intrathoracic organs

[See note 5 at the beginning of this chapter]

Malignant neoplasm of respiratory and intrathoracic organs whose point of origin cannot be classified to any one of the categories C30-C39.0

C39.9 Ill-defined sites within the respiratory system

Respiratory tract NOS

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S. Organization 1994/2006

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