Although they don't speak with words we recognize, insects communicate in some pretty amazing ways. From their antennae to their toes, insects use the various parts of their bodies to keep in touch. A female toci-toci beetle can use her antennae to listen to the tapping made by a male more than three miles away. Grasshoppers rub their legs together to make chirping sounds. Male and female mosquitoes flap their wings at different speeds, giving them an easy way to tell each other apart.

When male cicadas start their abdominal chorus, they can drown out sounds of a nearby highway.You might say that insects have a way without words! Find out how as you watch sound waves at work, listen in on insect sounds, and create your own buzzing bug.

Sounds of Summer

You are sitting outside on a warm day with a glass of lemonade in your hand, and then you hear it.An insect is coming to check you out. Is it a bee or a

Make a Connection

Not sure if you have ever heard a cicada or cricket? Go to www.naturesongs. com and listen in. Cicadas make a clicking, buzzing sound that pulses like an emergency siren. Crickets create a cheery chirp that is a bit like the low-battery signal in a smoke detector.

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