Uncovering Age Regression Approaches Intrapsychic Conflicts

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The majority of the earlier case reports describing the clinical use of hypnosis with depressed individuals have utilized a psychodynamic framework. Rosen (1955) describes the use of hypnotically induced regression, Abrams (1964) discusses the uncovering of repressed material and Chambers (1968) describes a woman's compulsion to eat raw potatoes in psychoanalytic terms. Haley (1967) details a case report of Milton Erickson's use of hypnosis with automatic drawing in a case of obsessional depression.

A significant amount of more recent case material also utilizes hypnotic techniques within a psychodynamic framework. Alden (1995) reports the case of a 35-year-old man with long-standing symptoms of anxiety, depression and multiple traumas, involving the use of hypnosis to provide a 'safe, relaxing framework for the client's therapy and regression to traumatic events'. Gravitz (1994) describes a treatment method illustrated by three cases involving the retrieval and restructuring of past memories of traumatic experiences using hypnotic regression and revivification. Leistikow (1990) details the case of a male patient undergoing hypnoanalysis for depression using techniques such as word association, dream suggestion and age regression in conjunction with hypnosis. Griggs (1989) also describes the process of medical hypnoanalysis, using hypnosis in conjunction with dream analysis and age regression. Mendelberg (1990) used an uncovering technique in association with corrective imagery and relaxation with a 12-year-old depressed, asthmatic girl referred after her second suicide attempt.

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Hypnosis Plain and Simple

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