Postoperative Hemostasis And Healing Suggestions

Additional suggestions are offered to the patient who has undergone an oral surgical procedure. At the conclusion of procedures involving bleeding (tooth extraction, excision of soft tissue lesion, periodontal surgery), the patient is informed of the results of the operation and offered the following suggestions:

The procedure went very well [As it usually does. If there were problems, the patient needs to be fully informed.] It is now time for you to start the healing process. Please let the extraction site bleed lightly so that the fluid washes away any unnecessary debris or toxins within the socket. Then stop the bleeding so that the socket is filled and the clot can form. Your body knows how to do this. [Place two pieces of 2 X 2 moist gauze over the extraction site.] Just like any situation where you have a cut, first apply pressure, and you do that by biting down on the gauze, and then let the scab form. The soft scab will first form a layer of protective skin and then more and more layers of skin will grow in the coming days. In the coming months bone will fill in the area that used to have the tooth. In the mean time, your task is to treat the area gently and let healing occur naturally. If you had a small cut on your arm, you would do everything possible to protect the scab. So avoid things that are harmful and eat foods that are healthy and good for you. For the next 24 hours, avoid smoking, spices and mouthwash. Eat cool and sweet foods. The coolness reduces unnecessary swelling and the sugar promotes healing. Ice cream or milk shakes will make you feel better and help the healing process progress rapidly. Fortunately, the mouth is the fastest healing part of the body because of the presence of immunoglobulins in the saliva, and the fluids washing the area. So treat that area gently and be pleasantly surprised how quickly and effectively it heals. As always, if you have any questions, please call me at the office or at home. [Give patient postoperative instruction sheet and hand write home phone number If a prescription for narcotic analgesic is indicated, the directions state to take medication for comfort, (rather than for pain).]

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