Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

This category encompasses wide diversity, including cases with great similarity to dissociative identity disorder (often called ego-state disorders), derealization without depersonalization, the dissociative sequelae of coercive persuasion, dissociative trance disorder (see above), Ganser's syndrome, dissociative psychoses, some gender identity disturbances, and a mixture of dissociative symptoms of all sorts (American Psychiatric Association, 1994; Coons, 1992b). The use of hypnosis with such patients will parallel its use in patients with the conditions most akin to the symptom clusters in question. Coons' (1992b) study is a landmark contribution. Very little else has been written about the treatment of these patients, except for those forms most akin to dissociative identity disorder. The ego-state model of Watkins and Watkins (1997), which employs hypnosis to access and work with ego states, to negotiate among them, and to resolve their traumata, may be very effective with this group, as can be the interventions discussed above under dissociative identity disorder.

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