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Hypnosis offers an adjunct to the variety of strategies that are applied to the treatment of stress and anxiety disorders. The rationale for its role is supported by the observation that increased hypnotic susceptibility is present in phobic and posttraumatic stress disorders. The use of dissociation, altered perceptions, cognitions and memories, the enhanced control over anxiety symptoms, cued self-hypnosis, and hypnotic uncovering for psychodynamic psychotherapy may all be facilitated by this ancient and often neglected therapeutic modality.

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Do Not Panic

Do Not Panic

This guide Don't Panic has tips and additional information on what you should do when you are experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. With so much going on in the world today with taking care of your family, working full time, dealing with office politics and other things, you could experience a serious meltdown. All of these things could at one point cause you to stress out and snap.

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