Anthony C Dweck


1.1 Aniseed Species

1.2 Plants Bearing Similar Names

1.3.1 Biblical References

1.3.2 History

1.3.3 Traditional Uses Flavoring Perfumery Cosmetic Medicinal Aromatherapy Animals Miscellaneous

1.3.4 Preparations

1.3.5 Combinations with Anise

1.3.6 Pharmacopoeial Monographs

1.3.7 Legal Recognition

1.3.8 Legal Category (Licensed Products)

1.3.9 Remedies and Supplements

1.3.10 Simples

1.3.11 Safety Contraindications Toxicology Pregnancy and Lactation Adulterants

1.3.12 Deodorizing Properties

1.4 P. saxifraga and P. major

1.4.1 Origin of the Name

1.4.2 History

1.4.3 Traditional Uses Flavor Medicinal Cosmetic Animals

1.4.4 Preparations

1.4.5 Combinations with Burnet Saxifrage

1.4.6 Legal Category (Licensed Products)

1.4.7 Remedies and Supplements

1.4.8 Contraindications

1.4.9 Plants Confused with Burnet Saxifrage

1.4.10 Adulteration 1.5 I. verum Hook.

1.5.1 Origin of the Name

1.5.2 History

1.5.3 Traditional Uses Flavor Medicinal

1.5.4 Preparations

1.5.5 Safety

1.5.6 Legal Category (Licensed Products)

1.5.7 Adulteration

1.5.8 Plants Confused with Star Anise

1.5.9 Other Species of Anise References

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