Review Questions

1. Which of the following laboratory exams would the nurse expect to be ordered for a patient taking aminophylline?

A. Thyroid levels

B. Alanine aminotransferase

C. Electrolytes

D. Serum aminophylline levels

2. When the sympathomimetics are administered to older adults there is an increased risk of .

A. gastrointestinal effects

B. nephrotoxic effects

C. neurotoxic effects

D. cardiovascular effects

3. When zileuton is prescribed, the nurse expects which laboratory test to be checked periodically?

A. Urine for culture and sensitivity (C&S)

B. Complete blood count (CBC)

C. Prothrombin test (PT)

D. Alanine aminotransferase (ALT)

4. When administering aminophylline, a xanthine derivative bronchodilating drug, the nurse monitors the patient for adverse reactions, which include .

A. restlessness, nervousness

B. hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism

C. bradycardia, bronchospasm

D. somnolence, lethargy

5. The nurse correctly administers montelukast (Sin-gulair) .

A. once daily in the evening

B. twice daily in the morning and evening

C. three times a day with meals

D. once daily in the morning

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