Ongoing Assessment

Periodic evaluation is an important part of therapy for musculoskeletal disorders. With some disorders such as acute gout, the patient can be expected to respond to therapy in hours. Therefore, it is important for the nurse to inspect the joints involved every 1 to 2 hours to identify immediately a response or nonresponse to therapy. At this time, the nurse questions the patient regarding the relief of pain, as well as adverse drug reactions. In other disorders, response is gradual and may take days, weeks, and even months of treatment. Depending on the drug administered and the disorder being treated, the evaluation of therapy may be daily or weekly. These recorded evaluations help the primary health care provider plan current and future therapy, including dosage changes, changes in the drug administered, and institution of physical therapy.

Some of these drugs are toxic. The nurse closely observes the patient for the development of adverse reactions. Should any one or more adverse reactions occur, the nurse notifies the primary health care provider before the next dose is due.

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