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There is an increased risk of hypertension when dobut-amine is administered with the p-adrenergic blocking drugs. When dopamine is administered with the monoamine oxidase inhibitors (see Chap. 31) or the tri-cyclic antidepressants (see Chap. 31), there is a risk for increased effects of dopamine. There is an increased risk of seizures, hypotension, and bradycardia when dopamine is administered with phenytoin. When epi-nephrine is administered with the tricyclic antidepres-sants, there is an increased risk of sympathomimetic effects. Excessive hypertension can occur when epi-nephrine is administered with propranolol. A decreased bronchodilating effect occurs when epinephrine is administered with the p-adrenergic drugs. Metaraminol is used cautiously in patients taking digoxin because of an increased risk for cardiac arrhythmias. When mido-drine is administered with cardiac glycosides, psychotropic drugs, or p blockers, bradycardia, heart block, or arrhythmias can occur.


• The Patient Receiving an Adrenergic Drug

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