Display 251 Effects of the Cholinergic Blocking Drugs

Cholinergic blocking drugs produce the following responses: Central nervous system-dreamless sleep, drowsiness; atropine may produce mild stimulation in some patients fye-mydriasis (dilatation of the pupil), cycloplegia (paralysis of accommodation or inability to focus the eye) Respiratory tract-drying of the secretions of the mouth, nose, throat, bronchi, relaxation of smooth muscles of the bronchi resulting in slight bronchodilatation Gastrointestinal tract-decrease in secretions of the stomach, decrease in gastric and intestinal movement (motility) Cardiovascular system-increase in pulse rate (most pronounced with atropine administration) Urinary tract-dilatation of smooth muscles of the ureters and kidney pelvis, contraction of the detrusor muscle of the bladder

However, responses to administration of a cholinergic blocking drug vary and often depend on the drug and the dose used. For example, scopolamine may occasionally cause excitement, delirium, and restlessness. This reaction is thought to be a drug idiosyncrasy (an unexpected or unusual drug effect).

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