Critical Thinking Exercises

1. Mr. Anthony is prescribed a cholinergic blocking drug for the treatment of peptic ulcer. In planning patient teaching for Mr. Anthony before dismissal from the hospital, determine what information must be included to prevent complications of therapy.

2. A nurse assistant asks you what is the purpose of preoperative drugs and why patients cannot get out of bed after receiving a preoperative drug. Describe how you would explain this to the nurse assistant.

3. Mr. Salinas is prescribed a cholinergic blocking drug for a gastric ulcer. You note in the admission interview that he states that he has a history of enlarged prostate. Discuss how Mr. Salinas' history of enlarged prostate relates to the drug therapy for a gastric ulcer.

4. Develop a teaching plan for Ms. Likens, age 54 years, who will be taking glycopyrrolate (Robinul) for a peptic ulcer. Ms. Likens is alert, well oriented, and teaches school at a local high school.

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