Prognostic Factors

1. Diagnosis at an early age (<2 years of age) carries a better prognosis (survival 70-75%) than diagnosis at more than 2 years of age (survival 20-45%).

2. Survival is better for patients with stage I or II disease (85%) compared to stage III or IV disease (0%).

3. Synchronous tumors have a better outlook than metachronous tumors.

Table 19-7. Percentage of Event-Free Survival (EFS) and Overall Survival (OS) for Favorable Histology

2 years

Stage I-III 86 96

Stage IV 72 86

4 years

Stage I-III 86 95

Stage IV 69 81

Modified from D'Angio GJ. Med Pediatr Oncol 2003;41:545-9.

*Calvert formula: For dose of carboplatin 4x (glomerular filtration rate +25) in mg.

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