Obesity cardiovascular disease and, 338 late effects of childhood cancer, 770 Ocular complications, late effects of childhood cancer, 769 Omenn Syndrome, 2351 OMIM, 50

Oncologic emergencies by anatomic regions abdominal, 701-702 neurologic, 703-704 thoracic, 700-701 infectious complications, 704-717 supportive care and management, 695-747 Ophthalmic therapies, retinoblastoma, 638 Opsoclonus and myoclonus (OM), syndrome of,

532-533 Optic gliomas, 526-527 Orbit, small lymphotic infiltrates of, 372 Orotic aciduria, 48t, 65 Oroya fever, 84

Osler-Weber-Rendu disease, 76, 255t, 291

hematologic manifestations, 73 Osteogenesis imperfecta, 291 Osteomyelitis, and bone infarction, differentiation between, 160t Osteopetrosis, infantile malignant, 92 Osteosarcoma (OS), 585-596 classification, 587t clinical manifestations, 587 diagnostic evaluation, 587-589 epidemiology bone growth, 585 environmental factors, 586-587 genetic factors, 585-586 follow-up studies, 595 pathology, 587 primary sites of origin, 588/ prognosis, 595-596

second malignant neoplasms, late effects of childhood cancer, 773 treatment chemotherapy, 590-595 event-free survival (EFS), 590, 591/ histologic response to preoperative chemotherapy, 590t metatastic disease, 593, 594/, 595/ recurrent disease, 593-594 Pediatric Oncology Group POG-8651

protocol, 590, 592/ Rizzoli's 4th protocol, 591, 593, 593/ surgery, 589-590 Ovarian dysfunction, late effects of childhood cancer, 764.766

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