Nuclear Medicine Studies

• Perfusion and ventilation scan (V/Q scan)

• Quantitative ventilation-perfusion scintigraphy consists of three different studies: (1) ventilation per unit volume, (2) blood flow to ventilated alveoli, and (3) blood flow per unit ventilated lung volume.

Table 27-6. Shortness of Breath Scoring System

Grade Description

0 No shortness of breath with normal activity. Shortness of breath with exertion, comparable to a well person of the same age, height, and sex

1 More shortness of breath than a person of the same age while walking quietly on the level or on climbing an incline or two flights of stairs

2 More shortness of breath and unable to keep up with persons of the same age and sex while walking on the level

3 Shortness of breath while walking on the level and while performing everyday tasks at work

4 Shortness of breath while carrying out personal activities (e.g., dressing, talking, walking from one room to another)

From McDonald S, Rubin P, Schwartz CL. Pulmonary effects of antineoplastic therapy. In: Schwartz CL, Hobbie WL, Constine LS, Ruccione KS, editors. Survivors of Childhood Cancer: Assessment and Management. St. Louis: Mosby, 1994;177-95, with permission.

Blood flow to ventilated alveoli has proved most useful in quantifying radiation injury to the lungs.

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