Age (Months)

Fig. A1-1. Physiologic nadir for term and preterm infants. The mean and range of normal hemoglobin and reticulocyte values for term and preterm infants are shown. Premature infants reach nadir of erythrocyte production sooner and require longer to recover than their term infant counterparts. (From Dallman PR: Anemia of prematurity. Ann Rev Med 1981; 32:143, reproduced with permission.)

Bone Marrow

Fig. A1-2. (A) Hemoglobin and MCV percentile curves for girls. (B) Hemoglobin and MCV percentile curves for boys. (From Dallman PR, Silmes MA. Percentile curves for hemoglobin and red cell volume in infancy and childhood. J Pediatr 1979;94:28, with permission.)

Age ng/ml

Newborn 25-200

1 month 200-600

2-5 months 50-200

6 months-15 years 7-140 Adult:

Male 15-200

Female 12-150

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