Product description

4. Predigested/elemental

Predigested or partially hydrolyzed peptide-based diet that may be beneficial for child with impaired gastrointestinal function (diarrhea, mucositis, intestinal villous atrophy) Many contain medium-chain triglycerides to minimize fat tolerance

Can have high osmolality

5. Fiber containing

Containing fiber from natural sources or added soy polysaccharides to aid in bowel function

6. Disease specific

Macro- and micronutrients modified for disease state

Table 26-23. (Continued)

1-10 Years of age >10 Years of age

Table 26-23. (Continued)

1-10 Years of age >10 Years of age

Tube feeding and/or oral

Tube feeding


Peptamen Junior


Vital HN

Neocate One Plus

Peptamen VHP

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