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Cabot's Ring bodies, abnormalities in anemia, 7t, 66

Cachexia, in pediatric oncology patients, 741-745 clinical features of, 741 treatment, 742, 743-745t Ca2+mobilization, defects in, 288 Canale-Smith syndrome. See Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS) Cancer childhood, late effects, 749-773 defined, 749

evaluation for suspected late effects, 751-752t information from follow-up of survivors, 750t potential late effects, 750-751t radiation dose toxicity levels, 754t radiosensitivity of cell types, 753t second malignant neoplasms, 770-773, 772t in children with HIV infection, 80-83, 811 Carcinoma embryonal ovarian, 660 testicular, 659-660 renal cell, 559-560 Cardiac catheterization, arterial thromboic event and, 334-335 Cardiac toxicity, prevention of, 726-728 Cardiovascular system late effects of childhood cancer, 755-756 SCD, 163-164

tissue effects of iron-deficiency anemia, 37t Carney traid, 563 Castleman disease, 365t, 373-374

histologic types and clinical features, 374t Catheters, indwelling, intravenous, nutritional support, cancer patients, 745-746 CD antigen designations, 800-802 CDAs. See Congenital dyserythropoietic anemias (CDAs)

Central nervous system (CNS)

late effects of childhood cancer, 759-762, 7611, 762t malignancies, 512-529 clinical manifestations intracranial tumors, 513-514 spinal tumors, 515, 515t children less than 3 years, 528-529 conditions associated with, 512 diagnostic evaluation bone marrow aspiration and bone scan, 517 cerebrospinal fluid examination, 517 computed tomography (CT), 515 magnetic resonance angiography, 516 magnetic resonance imaging, 516 magnetic resonance spectroscopy, 516 positron emission tomography (PET),

516-517 of spinal cord, 517 frequency of childhood brain tumors, 512, 513t management of specific tumors, 519-529 astrocytomas, 519-521, 520t brain stem tumors, 524-525

in children and infants less than 3 years of age, 528-529 craniopharyngiomas, 527 ependymomas, 525 intracranial germ cell tumors, 527-528 medulloblastoma, 521-524 optic gliomas, 526-527 pathology, 512-513

cytogenic abnormalities identified in brain tumors, 513t molecular pathology of CNS neoplasms, 513 treatment chemotherapy, 518-519 radiotherapy, 518 surgery, 517 SCD, 161-163

tissue effects of iron-deficiency anemia, 36t Chediak—Higashi syndrome, 230-231, 286, 329t, 620

Chelation therapy, P-thalassemia, 186-187, 188 Chemotherapeutic agents emetogenic potential of, 736t pharmacologic properties of, 804-805 Chemotherapy cardiovascular system, late effects of childhood cancer, 755, 756 central nervous system, late effects of childhood cancer, 759-760, 762t endocrine system, late effects of childhood cancer, 762-768 Ewing sarcoma, 601-602

gastrointestinal system, late effects of childhood cancer, 769-770 genitourinary system, late effects of childhood cancer, 768-769 germ cell tumors, 653t, 654t, 660t hepatoma, 666, 666t high-dose followed by autologous stem cell transplant, 660t Hodgkin disease, 470-471, 471t, 472-473t, 473,

481-482t, 482-483, 483t immune system, late effects of childhood cancer, 770

musculoskeletal system, late effects of childhood cancer, 753 neuroblastoma, 538, 5411, 543, 546 osteosarcoma (OS), 590-595 ovarian dysgerminoma, 653, 653t, 654t post-transplant LPDs, 379, 382t recurrent soft-tissue sarcomas, 582t regimens for initial cycle of, 7411 respiratory system, late effects of childhood cancer, 757-759, 758t retinoblastoma, 637, 637t, 638-639 rhabdomyosarcoma, 571, 572-573t, 574/ second malignant neoplasms, late effects of childhood cancer, 773 teratoma, 653t, 656 Cholesterol, coronary artery disease and, 337-338 Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), 231-233 reactions of the respiratory burst pathway, 231, 232t

Chronic illness, hematologic manifestations of, 76-85

Chuvashian polycythemia (CP), clinical manifestations of, 205, 206t Cigarette smoking, coronary artery disease and, 337

Closure time, evaluation of platelets and platelet function, 292 CNS. See Central nervous system (CNS) Coagulation factors, 296t assays and screening tests in fetus and neonate, 794t commercially available concentrates, 313t disorders acquired, 304-309 inherited, 309-328 in liver disease, 73-74 natural inhibitors of coagulation, 299-301, 300t reference values healthy infant, first 6 months of life, 790t healthy premature infant, first 6 months of life, 791t treatment of rare coagulation deficiencies, 328t

Coagulation tests hemostasis, 304t reference values healthy infants, first 6 months of life, 788t healthy premature infants, first 6 months of life, 789t vitamin K deficiency, 305/ Coagulopathy, in cyanotic heart disease, 72 Cobalamin See Vitamin in B12 Cognitive impairments, late effects of childhood cancer, 760-762 Common variable immunodeficiency

(CVID), 220 Congenital dyserythropoietic anemias (CDAs) clinical manifestations types I-III, 100-102t types IV-VI, 102t diagnostic tests, 103t erythroblasts showing dysplastic changes, 103t treatment, 101, 103-104 Congenital leukemia, 450 Congenital pure red cell aplasia. See

Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA) Conjunctiva, small lymphotic infiltrates of, 372 Connective tissue disorders, 291

hematologic manifestations of, 77-78 Coombs' test, 19, 28, 30t Corticosteroid therapy, Diamond-Blackfan anemia, 99

Cow's milk, hypersensitivity to, iron-deficiency anemia and, 34, 35t Craniopharyngiomas, 527 C-reactive protein (CRP), 337 Cryoablation, retinoblastoma, 638 Cutaneous manifestation, in Hodgkin disease, 463-464

Cyclooxygenase synthetase deficiency, 287 Cyclophosphamide, late effects of childhood cancer, 756, 766

Cyclosporine prophylaxis, graft versus host disease (GVHD),

679 treatment

Diamond-Blackfan anemia, 99 paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, 133 Cystic fibrosis, hematologic manifestations, 73 Cystinosis, 91-92, 365t

Cystitis, hemorrhagic, late effects of childhood cancer, 768-769 Cytokines in Hodgkin disease tumors, 467t treatment of thrombocytopenia, 280 Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, complication of stem cell transplantation, 684-685 Cytopenia, refractory, 396

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