Satiating Properties Of Macronutrients

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In contrast to popular belief an overall nutritional goal in dietary treatment of obesity is to increase the proportion ofcarbohydrates in the diet since carbohydrate rich foods have high satiating properties, especially when compared to fat. Numerous studies have demonstrated that fat not only is the most energy dense macronutrient but also has weak satiating properties (5). Table 30.1 summarizes the characteristics of macronutrients in their ability to regulate daily dietary food intake. A key issue in dietary treatment strategies for obesity has thus been not only to reduce the daily energy intake but also in particular to cut fat to 30% or less of total energy intake. Carbohydrates generally appear in starchy and fibre-rich natural products, which means that a diet rich in natural carbohydrates will have a low energy density and thus enhance satiety. If fat intake is reduced, the protein proportion of the daily food intake will increase. The role of the protein in a diet for weight control will be discussed below.

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