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Figure 35.13 Days of sick leave plus disability pension per year in 369 surgically treated and 371 obese controls the year before inclusion and over 4 years after inclusion into the SOS intervention study. All data adjusted for age, gender, and several predictive variables. During years 1-4, the number of days are also adjusted for days of sick leave plus disability pension the year beforre inclusion. Significant differences between groups indicated as *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001. FromNarbro et al. (35), with permission generalized malignant melanoma or spinal cord injuries. The measurements were performed with general scales such as General Health Rating Index, Hospital Anciety and Depression scale, Mood Adjective Check List and Sickness Impact Profile in original or short form (37,38) and with an obesity-specific psychosocial scale (37). All scales have been validated during Swedish measuring conditions.

In 2- (39) and 4-year (see Chapter 33) reports, results from all measurement instruments are improving dose dependently, i.e. the larger the weight loss, the larger the improvement in HRQL, and in particular in the obesity-specific psychosocial scale (Figure 35.14).

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