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Figure 1.3 shows the general pattern of overweight and obesity in the Netherlands, where a general rise in body weight and a modest increase in percentage body fat occur over the lifespan, at least until 60-65 years of age. This is reflected by an increase in obesity prevalence with age, reaching a maximum in the 60s, and then declining steadily thereafter. The decline is related in part to selective survival of people with a lower BMI. The issue is further complicated by the fact that BMI is not as reliable a measure of adiposity in old age because a decrease during this period often reflects a decrease in lean body mass rather than fat mass.

Peak rates of obesity and the associated health effects tend to be reached at a much earlier age in developing economies. In countries such as Western Somoa, the maximum rates of obesity tend to be reached at around 40 years of age (Figure 1.4).

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