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8. The Dynamic Human CD-ROM (0697-38935-9) illustrates the important relationships between anatomical structures and their functions in the human body. Realistic computer visualization and three-dimensional visualizations are the premier features of this CD-ROM. Various figures throughout this text are correlated to modules of The Dynamic Human. See pages xxvi-xxvii for a detailed listing of figures.

9. The Dynamic Human Videodisc (0-667-38937-5) contains all the animations (200+) from the CD-ROM. A bar code directory is also available.

10. Life Science Animations Videotape Series is a series of five videotapes containing 53 animations that cover many of the key physiological processes. Another videotape containing similar animations is also available, entitled Physiological Concepts of Life Science. Various figures throughout this text are correlated to animations from the Life Science Animations. See pages xxvii-xxviii for a detailed listing of figures.


Vander et al.: Human Physiology: The Mechanism of Body Function, Eighth Edition


Tape 1: Chemistry, The Cell, Energetics (0-69725068-7)

Tape 2: Cell Division, Heredity, Genetics, Reproduction and Development (0-697-25069-5) Tape 3: Animal Biology I (0-697-25070-9) Tape 4: Animal Biology II (0-697-25071-7) Tape 5: Plant Biology, Evolution, and Ecology (0-697-26600-1)

Tape 6: Physiological Concepts of Life Science (0-697-21512-1)

11. Life Science Animations 3D CD-ROM (007-234296-X). More than 120 animations that illustrate key biological processes are available at your fingertips on this exciting CD-ROM. This CD contains all of the animations found on the Essential Study Partner and much more. The animations can be imported into presentation programs, such as PowerPoint. Imagine the benefit of showing the animations during lecture.

12. Life Science Animations 3D Videotape (007-290652-9). Featuring 42 animations of key biologic processes, this tape contains 3D animations and is fully narrated. Various figures throughout this text are correlated to video animations. See page xxviii for a detailed listing of figures.

13. Life Science Living Lexicon CD-ROM (0-697-37993-0 hybrid) contains a comprehensive collection of life science terms, including definitions of their roots, prefixes, and suffixes as well as audio pronunciations and illustrations. The Lexicon is student-interactive, featuring quizzing and notetaking capabilities.

14. The Virtual Physiology Lab CD-ROM (0-697-37994-9 hybrid) containing 10 dry labs of the most common and important physiology experiments.

15. Anatomy and Physiology Videodisc (0-697-27716-X) is a four-sided videodisc containing more than 30 animations of physiological processes, as well as line art and micrographs. A bar code directory is also available.

16. Anatomy and Physiology Video Series consists of the following:

a. Internal Organs and the Circulatory System of the Cat (0-697-13922-0)

b. Blood Cell Counting, Identification & Grouping (0-697-11629-8)

c. Introduction to the Human Cadaver and Prosection (0-697-11177-6)

d. Introduction to Cat Dissection: Musculature (0-697-11630-1)

17. Study Cards for Anatomy and Physiology (007290818-1) by Van De Graaff, et al., is a boxed set of 300 3-by-5 inch cards. It serves as a well-organized and illustrated synopsis of the structure and function of the human body. The

Study Cards offer a quick and effective way for students to review human anatomy and physiology.

18. Coloring Guide to Anatomy and Physiology (0-69717109-4) by Robert and Judith Stone emphasizes learning through the process of color association. The Coloring Guide provides a thorough review of anatomical and physiological concepts.

19. Atlas of the Skeletal Muscles (0-697-13790-2) by Robert and Judith Stone is a guide to the structure and function of human skeletal muscles. The illustrations help students locate muscles and understand their actions.

20. Laboratory Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology (0-69739480-8) by Eder, et al., is a full-color atlas containing histology, human skeletal anatomy, human muscular anatomy, dissections, and reference tables.

21. Case Histories in Human Physiology, third edition, by Donna Van Wynesberghe and Gregory Cooley is a web-based workbook that stimulates analytical thinking through case studies and problem solving; includes an instructor's answer key. (www.mhhe.com/biosci/ap/vanwyn/).

22. Survey of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (0-69727535-3) by Kent M. Van De Graaff is a black-and-white booklet that presents the essential information on 100 of the most common and clinically significant diseases.

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