A very extensive Glossary, with pronunciation guides, is provided in Appendix

Appendix B


Appendix B


absorption movement of materials across an epitMial layer from body cavity o compartment absorptive statb pdriod duri^

ctansiWriaperflens acetyl coenryme A (acetyl CoA)

solution; th Wgtar th H+ concentration th greater th acidity acidosis (ass-h-DOH-sis) any peimey active tean secondaey active tec acute y (ah-KUTy) laetc

Body Functions

nsse to rnjuey o acute ^response


. (evolution) a biological jo^odUS!

Xp cycle and va pathways acetyl gr ne (ACh) (ass-ih-reel-ed by pre- aood post-


dueing. active hyperemia^

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