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FIGURE 20-10

Beautifully Rendered Full-color Art

Almost all of the figures have been redone in this edition, ranging from a complete redrawing of the figure to simple labeling changes. A realistic three-dimensional perspective has been added to many of the figures for greater clarity and understanding of the concept.

FIGURE 20-10

present antigen to helper T cells is a second function of B cells in response to antigenic stimulation the other beirg the differentiation of the B cells into antibody-secreting plasma ceUs.

The binding between helper T-cell receptor and antigen bound to class II MHC proteins on an APC is the essential antigen-- " ** t .. . vation However, this in T-cell activation. In occur between other on the surfaces of the and these provide a i . ______

tivation (Figure 20-1

Finally, the antig 'C to the

T ceH, along with th e APC to secrete large amount rleukin 1

(IL-1) and tumor net ich act as paracrine agents on t ;U to pri>

vide yet another imp vation.

vision of a ccstimulu hing antigenic plasma-me: sec of IL-1 and TNF (Fig

The activated hel rete_

ious cytokines that h cts on the helper T cell and par 'nt B cells and any nearby cyto , and still other cell types; we w es in later

of the APC and the helper T cell; a

Vander et al.: Human Physiology: The Mechanism of Body

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