We are grateful to those colleagues who read one or more chapters during various stages of this revision:

Jennifer Carr Burtwistle Northeast Community College

Nicholas G. Despo Thiel College

Jean-Pierre Dujardin The Ohio State University

David A. Gapp Hamilton College

H. Maurice Goodman

University of Massachusetts Medical School

David L. Hammerman Long Island University

Dona Housh

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Sarah N. Jerome

University of Central Arkansas

Vander et al.: Human I Front Matter I Preface

Physiology: The Mechanism of Body Function, Eighth Edition

Fred Karsch University of Michigan

Stephanie Burdine King Wood College

Steven L. Kunkel

University of Michigan Medical School Michael G. Levitzky

Louisiana State University Medical Center

Joseph V. Martin Rutgers University

John L. McCarthy

Southern Methodist University

Kerry McDonald University of Missouri

Philip Nelson Barstow College

University of California, Berkeley

Colleen J. Nolan St. Mary's University

David Quadagno Florida State University

Sharon M. Russell

University of California, Berkeley

Allen F. Sanborn Barry University

David J. Saxon Morehead State University

Amanda Starnes Emory University

Edward K. Stauffer University of Minnesota


Leeann Sticker

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

James D. Stockand Emory University

Richard Stripp

Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy, Long Island University

Donna Van Wynsberghe University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Samuel J. Velez Dartmouth College

Benjamin Walcott SUNY at Stony Brook

Curt Walker Dixie College

R. Douglas Watson

University of Alabama at Birmingham Scott Wells

Missouri Southern State College

Eric P. Widmaier Boston University

Judy Williams

Southeastern Oklahoma State University John Q. Zhang

Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic

Their advice was very useful in helping us to be accurate and balanced in our coverage. We hope that they will be understanding of the occasions when we did not heed their advice, and we are, of course, solely responsible for any errors that have crept in. We would like to express our appreciation to Kris Tibbetts, Sponsoring Editor; Pat Anglin, Developmental Editor; and Peggy Selle, Project Manager.

To our parents, and to Judy, Peggy, and Joe without whose understanding it would have been impossible

Vander et al.: Human I Front Matter I Visual Tour I I © The McGraw-Hill

Physiology: The Companies, 2001

Mechanism of Body

The Mechanisms of Body Function

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