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Combat Fighter System Review

Combat fighter is a set of rules and body techniques with regards to inflicting pain and paralyzing a human's body. It can be permanent or temporary. We are all confronted with fear at some point in life; either a person is threatening to fight us or you have to fight to achieve your goals. Hurdles are part of life; we always have to fight to overcome. This is why you need combat fighter; it involves identifying possible risk areas and analyzing environment before making a move. The move should be timely and targeting specific areas of the body to be effective. In combat fighting you don't throw a fist at any time or hit any place, the author helps clients understand aspects of when and how. It is not the formal boxing technique; combat fighter cannot help you win an MMA fight. It is about violence without rules. Read more here...

Combat Fighter System Review Summary


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Contents: Ebooks
Author: John Black
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My Combat Fighter System Review Review

Highly Recommended

The author has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

Purchasing this ebook was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

First Strike by Swat Team Leader

First Strike by Swat Team Leader is a fantastic product that will be of help in the hour of need. We might find ourselves in compromising positions that may need quick reactions. We may not be prepared to face them since come abruptly. As a result, we need to act quickly in order to save ourselves or our partners out of the situation. Todd Lamb, a former Special operator in the Canadian Forces SSF and now a leader of one of the most prestigious SWAT teams, highlighted some key points on the First Strike that may be of help to some violence faced in the real world. He explains that when a human being finds himself in a compromising situation that has his/her life and those of their loved ones at stake, he or she will have instinctive reactions generated from their human genes. The author along with Ari Knazan, a Personal Protection expert and a martial arts teacher, is on a mission to motivate people to regain their hidden strengths in preparation of facing any encounter ahead since they come when we least expect them. Why wait for things to get wild? Take action today! Buy this product and learn the tactics to be fully armed for whatever come your way. Read more here...

First Strike by Swat Team Leader Summary

Contents: Ebooks, Videos
Author: Todd Lamb
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Price: $29.00

Family Self Defense

Family Self Defence is a program which is critical in improving the security of the families through offering some fundamental techniques and methods which would help enhance self-protection. When is enrolled in the system, you will learn some key concept which includes the lazy man training method which would enable you to develops some devastating moves to enhance your safety. In addition to that, one would learn about the Vision Field Expansion, which would ensure one can make covert the senses to see what is around you. The program has been proved suitable in offering some essential tips which have improved people safety in the country. There are fundamental problems which are solved by the program, which include insecurity, risk identification, and disaster management. The product could be accessed into two primary forms, which are the eBook and video series. There is a quality guarantee of the product due to the positive reviews by the various users in the market. Read more here...

Family Self Defense Summary

Contents: EBook And Video Series
Author: Frank Bell
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Price: $29.00

Street Fighting Matrix

Street Fighting Matrix is a course that is aimed at teaching the users unforeseeable means of defending themselves against any unwanted attack or things of such manner. It is such that will take the users through the various emergencies they might encounter and how to defend themselves against them. It is not a quick fix that will make the users learn how to defend themselves in a day or two but the users can be assured of being skillful as long as the users are ready to follow the procedures to the letter. They have been created to ensure that even if the user is a boy of six, they will still get the knowledge worthy of their money from it. The methods are easy to learn and easy to understand that the users will not need to spend a lot of days with it. It has the effect that makes it looks as if the users have learnt all the methods for so long. It is a digital product that comes with both EBook and Videos. Read more here...

Street Fighting Matrix Summary

Contents: Video Course
Author: Matt Numrich
Official Website:
Price: $99.00

Learn How To Street Fight For Real Self Defense That Works

A Comprehensive Self Defense Guide That Teaches Fast, Powerful & Ruthless Tactics That Work. 318 Pages & Over 270 Photos Detailing A Complete System Of Self Defense From A Reality Street Fighting Perspective. Learn How to Fight Quickly and Easily with the Brutal Street-fighting Tactics of an Ex-biker and Street Fighter that will Smash and Humiliate any Low-life Scumbag that Dares to Threaten Your Life! Here's a preview of some of the incredible secrets you'll learn in this Street-fighting & Self Defense Guide: Simple and direct combinations that go straight to the weak vulnerable targets that no one can protect targets that when hit will put even the biggest men in hospital and maim them for life. How to cover against any attack when the attacker is rushing and swinging at you. How to avoid potential hot spots where attacks are more likely because if you don't have to fight all the better let the predators move on to easier prey so that you can enjoy your life instead of risking losing it to a bunch of loser scumbags! How to handle the interview process the outcome of which will determine whether you're percieved as an easy victim or a potential threat by any thug or street gang hoodlum. The safest and fastest way to rip a loaded gun right out of a street mugger's hand breaking his arm as you go and using his own gun against him if you need to. Throw the biggest of crims smashing their heads into into pulp on the ground no matter how small you are and without needing any knowledge of complicated judo or wrestling throws.

Learn How To Street Fight For Real Self Defense That Works Summary

Contents: Ebook, 318 Pages
Author: Dr Geoff Aitken, Ph.D.
Official Website:
Price: $17.00

Techniques for Making Emedical Systems Secure

Monitoring access and modification of protected information Each of the security mechanisms used to protect sensitive systems and information has the potential of being breached by an attacker. To maintain security and integrity of the protected information, discretion is required, not only in the selection of technology and implementation of policies, but also in monitoring the systems to identify attempted breaches as well as suspicious access trends, and track compliance with specified policies and procedures. Monitoring covers audit logs, trend analysis, alarms and event reporting.

Self Protection and Resistance

A related self-defense myth is that if you try to resist your attacker you are more likely to get hurt. First, only three percent of rapes involve some additional injury that is serious usually the rape itself is the most serious injury suffered (Kleck & Sayles, 1990). Second, a woman who fights back is no more likely to be hurt than one who does not fight back. Virtually all women who do not resist are raped, but the research evidence also shows that those who fight back are far less likely to be raped and no more likely to be hurt (Bart & O'Brien, 1985 Furby & Fischhoff, 1986 Kleck & Sayles, 1990 Ullman, 1997). Brown (1995) points out that many police officers and even some rape investigators share the common belief that if women fight back they will be hurt more. She points out that these myths persist despite a 1989 FBI study that found no correlation between victim resistance and physical injury.

Human brains became larger

One species, Homo neanderthalensis, was widespread in Europe and Asia between about 75,000 and 30,000 years ago. Neanderthals were short, stocky, and powerfully built humans whose massive skulls housed brains somewhat larger than our own. They manufactured a variety of tools and hunted large mammals, which they probably ambushed and subdued in close combat. For a short time, their range overlapped that of the H. sapiens known as Cro-Magnons, but then the Neanderthals abruptly disappeared. Many scientists believe that they were exterminated by the Cro-Magnons, just as H. habilis may have been exterminated by H. erectus.

The Unusual Porcupine

When a porcupine is attacked or otherwise disturbed, it arches its back and makes the quills stand up straight. Attacking predators are very likely to impale themselves painfully on the quills, which pull out of the porcupine's body quite easily. A porcupine can also swing its quill-filled tail at a predator. When the tail connects with the aggressor, quills enter the flesh of that animal deeply and are bound to do damage. When a quill hits an attacker's eye, it may cause blindness. If quills enter its jaw, they may prevent eating and lead to the predator's death by starvation. Porcupines grow new quills, as needed.

Predatory Behavior

Most carnivores pursue prey to obtain animal food. Four behavioral strategies for prey capture can be identified. The first and simplest is random encounter, in which the carnivore moves about its habitat and captures hidden or immobile prey. This predatory style characterizes most mongooses, civets, bears, and many mustelids. The second strategy involves following tunneling prey into their burrows. Many of the weasel group are specialized for this type of hunting, with their long, slender bodies and ability to lock their jaws on prey. The third strategy is ambush or stalking, in which predators rely on stealth to surprise prey. Any pursuit is typically a short chase that is abandoned if the prey outdistances the attacker. All cats are ambush predators.


And relatively slow-moving herbivore it would have needed some means of defense against predators. This would undoubtedly have been the spike-bearing tail. Two pairs of spines projected laterally from the tip of the tail and could have inflicted severe injuries on an attacking carnivorous dinosaur as the tail was lashed from side to side while the animal backed toward the attacker.

Defensive Behavior

Plants That Sequester Toxins

Most insects are capable of defending themselves against predators. Mandibulate species frequently bite, and haustelate species may stab with their stylets. Kicking, wing fanning, and buzzing also are effective against some predators (Robinson 1969,T.Wood 1976). Many species eject or inject toxic or urticating chemicals, as described in Chapter 3 (see Figs. 3.7 and 3.8). Insects armed with urticating spines or setae often increase the effectiveness of this defense by thrashing body movements that increase contact of the spines or setae with an attacker. Many caterpillars and sawfly larvae rear up and strike like a snake when attacked (Fig. 4.8). Disruptive and deceptive coloration involve color patterns that break up the body form, distract predators from vital body parts, or resemble other predators. For example, many insects have distinct bars of color or other patterns that disrupt the outline of the body and inhibit their identification as prey by passing predators. Startle...

Safety Soldier

Safety Soldier

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