The Leptin System May Have Evolved to Regulate the Starvation Response

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Although much of the initial interest in leptin resulted from its possible role in preventing obesity, the leptin system probably evolved to adjust an animal's activity and metabolism during periods of fasting and starvation, not to restrict weight. The reduction in leptin level triggered by nutritional deficiency reverses the thermo-genic processes illustrated in Figure 23-32, allowing fuel conservation. Leptin activates AMP-dependent protein kinase (AMPK), which regulates many aspects of fuel metabolism. Leptin also triggers decreased production of thyroid hormone (slowing basal metabolism), decreased production of sex hormones (preventing reproduction), and increased production of glucocorti-coids (mobilizing the body's fuel-generating resources). By minimizing energy expenditures and maximizing the use of endogenous reserves of energy, these leptin-mediated responses may allow an animal to survive periods of severe nutritional deprivation.

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