966 Chapter 25 DNA Metabolism

Many DNA viruses encode their own DNA poly-merases, and some of these have become targets for pharmaceuticals. For example, the DNA polymerase of the herpes simplex virus is inhibited by acyclovir, a compound developed by Gertrude Elion (p. 876). Acyclovir consists of guanine attached to an incomplete ribose ring. It is phosphorylated by a virally encoded thymi-dine kinase; acyclovir binds to this viral enzyme with an affinity 200-fold greater than its binding to the cellular thymidine kinase. This ensures that phosphorylation occurs mainly in virus-infected cells. Cellular kinases convert the resulting acyclo-GMP to acyclo-GTP, which is both an inhibitor and a substrate of DNA polymerases, and which competitively inhibits the herpes DNA poly-merase more strongly than cellular DNA polymerases. Because it lacks a 3' hydroxyl, acyclo-GTP also acts as a chain terminator when incorporated into DNA. Thus viral replication is inhibited at several steps.

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