Vertical Splitting of the Dermofat Flap as Far as the Base of the Navel

■ To facilitate further cranial dissection, the dermofat flap is incised longitudinally in the median line from the edge of the wound to the navel. The assistant pulls the edges of the wound upwards with two Backhaus clamps. A large wound retractor can also be used for obese patients.

■ The length of the median line between the two points a and b is precisely such that later, after resection of the skin, the edges of the wound meet section by section without a vertical incision being necessary. In relation to this, point a, the border of the incision edge, varies depending on the surplus skin, i. e., the more surplus skin that is present, the deeper point a is located. If there is less surplus skin, this point (a) must be correspondingly higher so that later there will be only a horizontal scar.

Scar Navel

a: Lower border of the incision edge b: Lower boundary of the navel

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