Two Layer Atraumatic Wound Closure Using 40 Monocryl

■ Following subcutaneous closure with 2.0 Monocryl interrupted sutures there is already good, tension-free wound closure of the skin. Subsequently, the skin is closed continuously, intracutaneously using 4.0 Monocryl. One concealed knot is made at the beginning and the end of the suture so that this thread does not have to be pulled out later. Since we have been using only Monocryl sutures in breast surgery, we have not observed any problems with healing, thread granulomas or poor scar healing. If good care is taken of the scar, the incision generally heals without any problems and is virtually invisible.

Monocryl Closure

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    How to close incision with monocryl?
    8 years ago

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