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Tumescent pretreatment of the tissue is the norm in aesthetic operations today. When buttock lifts are carried out, approximately 200 ml of the tumescence solution (0.9 % NaCl 500 ml, 1 % prilocaine 200 mg = 20 ml, epinephrine 0.5 mg, 8.4% NaHCO3 5 mEq) is sufficient.

If the buttock lift is combined with a thigh lift, which is something frequently wanted upwards of a certain age, both the incision lines are joined in such a way as to achieve a homogeneous radial tightening of the whole thigh and buttock area. Unfortunately, patients often have too high expectations and forget that the shape of the buttock is primarily determined by the shape of the musculature and not by fatty accumulations and loose skin.

Owing to the tumescent infiltration, the operating area is free from blood, thereby ensuring safe, simple, and quick dissection.

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