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<^ The operation enables deposits of fat to be reduced in a defined area of j the body surface that cannot be reduced by dietary measures or sporting activity alone. Surplus fat is removed by suction in order to reduce the thickness of the fatty layer of the skin. The amount of fat removed is limited by the loss of body fluids and blood. For this reason liposuction is not a procedure for reducing general obesity.

On the day before the operation the surgeon discusses with the patient in detail which changes he or she wants and how this will be achieved. The areas to be removed by suction and the tumescence borders are marked exactly. In order to keep the operation risk as low as possible the patient should be made aware that he or she should not take any anticoagulants such as acetylsalicylic acid before the operation. The patient should also not smoke before the operation as this causes a reduction in perfusion. The risk of blood clots forming in the body also increases if the patient is taking contraceptives. In such cases the patient should stop smoking 2 weeks before the procedure and for the duration of the wound-healing period at the very least.

Intraoperative single-shot infection prophylaxis should be carried out with 2 g cefaclor and inpatient treatment and thrombosis/embolism prophylaxis before the operation and for 1 day after the operation with one ampule of fractionated heparin s.c. A special girdle should be fitted.

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