Skin Resection

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■ Skin resection is performed with precise monitoring of the resulting tension on the cutaneous suture. The resection boundaries are dictated by the positions of the key sutures, which are taken out again after the resection, because the cutaneous flap - and this is the most important part of the operation - needs to be anchored deeply at two points with permanent sutures in order to achieve a satisfactory long-term result.

■ After the skin resection residual areas of fat are removed. In the process it should be noted that subcutaneous fat is removed in the shape of a wedge, so that later joining can be step by step without any excess material. For all lifts concerning skin and extremities, it is important to have wedge-shaped joining in the form of an equilateral triangle. This prevents formation of seromas, promotes good wound healing, and therefore scar healing.

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